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print finishing
  • Folded to A5 or A4 size
  • Folded to A5 or A4 and stapled with two wire staples
  • Comb Binding
  • Wire Binding
  • Drilled with holes for ring binder.

  • Book Binding
  • 240gsm White Card
  • Astralux available in
    white, black, blue, red and yellow
  • Clear Film Acetate
  • Polycoat 500 micron a frosted Acetate
  • Polycoat 1000 micron a frosted Acetate

  • Encapsulation Services
  • Thin 0.05 thou clear laminate
  • Thick 0.10 thou clear laminate
book making
A competitive book and booklet folding, stapling, spiral binding, book making, document comb and wire binding and ring hole drilling print finishing service. Very competitive rates for book and report making. Low run print finishing prices available online now.

When ordering colour or black and white copies you be given the option to get these documents folded into booklets or bound into books using several binding options. Click the start the copier button above and select the number and type of copies you require from the price tables, to get an instant online copying and finishing price.

To turn your copies in a book, we can either simply fold them or if more than one sheet fold and staple them. If you would rather we can also bind the documents with either a wire or comb bind. Alternatively we can drill holes for using your copies in a ring binder.

folding service
folding and stapling service
wire binding service comb binding service ring binding service
Folding Folding and Stapling Wire Binding Comb Binding Ring Binder Holes

Bound Documents
If you want this type of bound document to have a heavier cover you can choose from a range of cover materials. These are 240gsm card (smooth white card), Astralux (a high gloss shiny card), Acetate (a see through clear film) Polycoat (a frosted acetate) available in either 500 micron or 1000 micron thick.

Ring Binder Ready Documents
If you want your documents drilled ready to be inserted into your ring binders we can drill holes in your documents, however you must specify how many rings are in the binder.

Ring Bindinig Punching

Preparing Documents for Ring Binders

We can drill holes in your documents so that you can insert them into ring binders. Please let us know how many rings the folder has two or four.

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Photograph laminators

Encapsulated documents or photographs

We can encapsulate your photographs or documents with either thick or thin encapulation films. Encapsulation will protect your documents form rain and being discarded.

Click the start the copier button above, to get an instant price for the following types of leaflet, booklet and binding finishing.

We have provided book making, binding and print finishing services to all types of customers in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in cities like London, Birmingham Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.