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Book Binding
Bound documents can be supplied with the following covers to create professionally bound documents and reports.

  • 240gsm White Card
  • Astralux available in
    white, black, blue, red and yellow
  • Clear Film Acetate
  • Polycoat 500 micron a frosted Acetate
  • Polycoat 1000 micron a frosted Acetate

  • print finishing
    • Folded to A5 or A4 size
    • Folded to A5 or A4 and stapled with wire two staples
    • Comb Binding
    • Wire Binding
    • Drilled with holes for ring binder.
    Business Stationery

    Business Cards
    Compliment Slips
    A5 NCR Pads
    A4 NCR Pads
    A3 NCR Pads
    Desk pads


    A4 Leaflets
    A5 Leaflets
    A6 Leaflets
    DL Leaflets
    A4 Brochures
    A3 Brochures
    Triple A4 Brochures
    Presentation Folders

    Seasonal Promotions

    Flat Calendars
    Booklet Calendars
    Spiral Bound Calendars
    Christmas Cards

    Informative Printing


    We are competitive document binding, book binding company who provide a spiral binding, book binding, document comb and wire binding and ring hole drilling print finishing service. Very competitive rates for spiral, wire and comb binding, Low run binding prices available online now.


    Folded Documents - Folded and Stapled Booklets - Bound Documents

    We offer a full finishing service on all A4 and A3 black and white, as well as colour copies. Click the start the copier button above, to get an instant price for the following types of finishing;

    Folded Documents

    We can simply fold your copies in half and collate them.

    Folded and Stapled Documents - with or without a heavier folded cover
    Alternatively we can fold then staple them with two staples to make into a booklet. If you would like a heavier cover on your booklet we have a range of covers available, if you intended making an A4 folded to A5 you need only select a front cover or a A3 folded to A4 booklet you need will need to select a front and back cover. However the size of a cover for an A3 folded to A4 document will be on sheet of folded A3.

    Comb Bound Documents - with or without a heavier front and back cover

    Should you prefer a A4 or A3 size document be bound using a plastic comb binder we will perforate each page of the document and attach a plastic comb bind. We have a range of heavier front and back covers, all of which will make your document very professional. The advantage of our service is that we can prepare just one document. The biggest document that we can comb bind is a 500 page document.

    Wire Bound Documents - with or without a heavier front and back cover

    We can also bind your A4 or A3 size documents with a wire binder. This does look produce a more professional looking document that is more robust than comb binding. Again we can offer you a range of heavier front and back covers to make your document more substantial. Again the biggest document we can wire bind is a 500 page document.

    Documents punched with holes ready for a ring binder

    If you want to present a ring bound document we can either drill two or four holes into the left habd side of your copies. It is - with or without a heavier front and back cover advisable to leave a 30 mm left hand side margin to stop the print being abliterated with the holes. At the moment we do not supply ring binders but we are considering adding them. If you wish the heavier pages within the document to seperate it into sections you can select as many heavier copies that you require. It is important to tell us after what page to insert these heavier copies. There is no limit to the number od pages we can put into a single ring binder as this will depend on the capicity of the ring binders that you have purchased.

    What type of documents could you get bound or made in booklets at colour copying.